Acoustic Solutions

When the audio-visual electronics is at its highest performance you will have an ultimate home theatre experience. All these things begin with the acoustic panels. They are the medium that absorbs the excess the mid and high frequencies sound waves. With acoustic panels, the speaker will perform better and the sound will be more alive than before. This is possible because it nullifies the bounce of sound around the room, prevents building up of echo and reverberation and muddying the sound. When the sound is released from the system the waves get distorted and they start bouncing all over the room interacting with the hard surfaces.

Theatre acoustic panels can be fixed at ease; similar to fixing a picture on the wall. It is not compulsory that every part of the room must be covered with panels; the side walls nearby the speaker absorb the sound. If the entire room is surrounded by acoustic panels then it will lead to the creation of a ‘dead’ environment; which is not preferable. Our experts will fix them and adjust the settings in a way comfortable to you. The space details and the absorption factors will be precisely noted and professional recommendations that suit you the best will be given.